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we are an authentic brand, which values the freedom of everyone to be what they want:

wear what you want and show the world who you are.


we believe in the autonomy of style and the deconstruction of ideas. through our sneakers we want to pass this message on. they are destroyed, unperfect and messy. just as life can be!

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shinkokyū in japanese means "deep breath". This sensation expresses the relief of being able to be who we really are.

the name in Japanese is to make the connection with this country that is known for being more open mind about the way of dressing and adopting different styles.

who is behind?

we are a young married couple, Miguel is from Portugal and Carolina is from Brazil. together we unite sports and fashion. Miguel is a basketball player, and Carolina is a fashion designer graduated in Paris.    

due to our professional lives, we have lived in different countries for the last 10 years.

we met people from all over the world, accumulated many experiences and discovered new cultures.

the world is our home!

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